Use SMS Marketing To Distribute Your App

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A new way to deliver your App to your target audience

As a publisher of Smartphone Apps you already know I'm sure that the competition in the App markteplaces is fierce. These days it has become harder and harder to rank well in the App marketplaces due to the flood of new Apps being launched daily. Use SMS to deliver your Apps and market your Apps directly to your target audience. Benefit from an ever growing SMS marketing list that enables you to reach your users and customers at anytime and indeed anywhere in the world.

  • Stand out from the App-Crowd
  • Offer incentives to your subscriber
  • Viral - SMS are easiliy shared
  • Use Web-Forms for SMS list building
  • Use QR Codes for SMS list building
  • Target your new SMS lists at anytime
  • Send SMS autoresponders
  • Drive traffic to your mobile offers
  • Drive traffic to affiliate offers
  • Turn App users into paying customers
iconMobile communication

Market your Aps directly to the end user in the best possible way - directly to their screens. Build a targeted marketing list that enables you to broadcast your news, latest App release's as well as any other relevant offers to your subscribers.

iconIncrease your reach

Do not rely on your listings in the multitude of App marketplaces alone. Advertise your App outside the App marketplaces as people tend to get distracted by the overwhelming amount of Apps being offered. Create your very own App marketplace in addition to OS related stores.

iconStart selling faster

Provide a swift and professional mobile service ands separate yourself from the App producing crowd. Be proactive, engage your target audience, build your reputation and brand. That will enable you to turn App user's into paying customers.

The future of selling is mobile. Today more than 60% of all web based transactions are made through mobile devices. SMS messages are still extremely popular besides the free to use service like "whatsapp", "viber" and many simlar communication Apps. Over 90% of all SMS are read and replied to with in just minutes. Use the most effectice mobile communication channel there is to promote and deliver your Smartphone App.

There are plenty of practical examples on how to be effecitve in SMS App distribution and is only one of many that stands out. In a statment from on website it reads "...SMS is the secret to mobile app distribution," said Dave Morin, Path's co-founder and CEO. How well did it work? "Within the first two-and-a-half weeks, Path's active users jumped from 10,000 to 300,000...".

To start delivering your Apps by SMS you dont need a swanky website with a lot of bells and whistles. You simply need a responsive webtemplate (you should have all your content mobile ready at all times!) and you can pick and choose at places like We did and the template we use on this domain is from for a cool 8 US $. Besides your webtemplate you need your App but that of course goes without saying and you need the means to connect by SMS with your subscribers. We suggest you use for that. This domain is hooked up with SMS list building features and if you would like to give it a try visit and use the "APPBYSMS" VIP Coupon to save 30% on your SMS marketing account.

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